Policy statements

General principles

The IFAI represents the unified voice of the industrial fabrics industry and its members worldwide, although most are located on the North American continent. Even though the corporate, taxation, social and environmental regulations are different in each country, they should be underpinned by common principles of fairness and reasonableness. Particularly in cases where they are not, we are compelled to publicly state our position on legislative areas that may have a positive or detrimental effect on our members.

Based on research and discussions on numerous concerns facing IFAI members, policy statements have been developed in the areas of health and employee welfare, environment and sustainability, workforce education, taxation, energy and natural resources, and legal. These policy statements will be the foundation for which IFAI will base its support or opposition to legislative proposals over the coming years. In this first posting of policy statements, most of these will be specific to the United States. We will attempt to get more input from our international members to take a more global approach to issues in the future.

IFAI believes in the dignity and value of commerce and the fundamental right of individuals to engage in it freely and without unreasonable restraint, provided they do so within an appropriate code of ethics with prudential responsibility.

IFAI expects its members to have the highest ethical standards that govern appropriate competitive behavior, treatment of staff, customers and suppliers; that demands engagement with the community; and that opposes environmental degradation and waste. IFAI also expects members to manage their enterprises in a prudentially responsible manner ensuring that they are sufficiently capitalized and able to meet their liabilities.

IFAI accepts that there is a need for regulation and oversight of commerce, but in general, that the principles of Common Law form the appropriate basis for such regulation.

IFAI supports unreservedly the concept of a limited liability company, which for three centuries has defined the assignment of business risk and has encouraged entrepreneurial activity. IFAI pposes the demands of regulators to erode this principle and hold directors personally liable for the actions of their companies.

IFAI believes in unregulated free markets, provided they are fair and not distorted by government subsidy or other intervention. IFAI opposes unfair trade practices and discrimination based solely on the country of origin.

In general, IFAI will promote and support issues and legislation that benefit the common good and support sound economic growth for its members. IFAI will oppose unnecessary government mandates and unreasonable legislation that will hamper our members’ ability to remain competitive in the global market place.