Narrow Fabrics Institute

The mission of the Narrow Fabrics Institute is to work on common interests in the narrow fabrics industry, including new technology, specifications and testing. More than 30 member companies manufacture, supply to, or distribute narrow fabric products. NFI defines narrow fabrics as textiles that are no more than 12 inches (300mm) in width and are made by weaving, knitting or braiding fibers or yarns with an edge to prevent unraveling.

NFI’s objectives are to promote the interests of the narrow fabrics industry; promote lawful and fair trade practices, customs and usage; and generate revenue through the sale of abrasion rods specified in ASTM D6770 (Abrasion Resistance of Textile Webbing) and disseminate said revenue toward textile-related programs.

Membership in the Narrow Fabrics Institute is open to any IFAI member interested in this niche marketplace.