Our bylaws

IFAI Bylaws include 13 articles that fully define the company and how it is expected to function.

Article I -General

"...The name of the association shall be Industrial Fabrics Association International..."

Article II -Purpose

"...IFAI will contribute to the prosperity of its members in the Specialty Fabrics Industry by providing a global marketplace for innovative products and services, relevant education, promotion and networking opportunities..."

Article III -Definitions

"...Terms in these Bylaws such as 'Chairman of the Board' are not indicative of any gender..."

Article IV -Membership

"...There shall be four (4) membership classifications in the Association: General, Individual, Affiliate, and Honored Life Members. Membership benefits for each classification are determined by the Board of Directors unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws..."

Article V -Board of Directors

"...The governing body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors serves on behalf of the membership to ensure that IFAI operates within the Bylaws and other policies of the Association..."

Article VI -Elected Officers

"...The elected officers of the Association shall consist of the Chairman of the Board, 1st Vice Chairman, and 2nd Vice Chairman..."

Article VII -Appointed Officers

"...The Board of Directors shall employ a salaried chief executive who shall be an officer of the Association and shall have the title of President, Secretary, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board of Directors shall specify the terms and conditions of employment, including compensation..."

Article VIII -Committees, Task Groups and Councils

"...The Board of Directors shall have one (1) standing committee designated as the Leadership Development Committee. Special committees, task groups and councils may be formed from time-to-time by the Chairman of the Board to perform certain tasks..."

Article IX -Board of Directors Election Process

"...At least forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting of the Leadership Development Committee, the CEO shall notify all voting members of positions available on the Board of Directors with terms expiring during the ensuing year..."

Article X -Membership Meetings

"...An annual meeting shall be held to report on the activities of the Association. The date and location of the Annual Meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors. All members shall be given at least thirty (30) days notice of time and place of such meeting..."

Article XI - Special Interest Groups

"...The CEO shall be entitled to create Special Interest Groups withing the Association..."

Article XII -Foundations and Subsidiaries

"...The Board of Directors shall be entitled by a two-thirds (2/3) vote to establish foundations and subsidiaries of the Association in pursuit of the Association's objectives..."

Article XIII -Amendments

"...All amendments to these Bylaws shall be approved by ballot..."