Fabric foundations 1990s

Putting down roots

IFAI was moving. Located in downtown St. Paul for more than 80 years, the association was finally ready to get out of the city and put down some roots. In 1996, the IFAI Board of Directors approved the purchase of an office building in Roseville, Minn., and less than a year later, in 1997, the association had settled into its new three-story home.  

Among the reasons for the move were a need for more space and a better layout for magazine production.  According to Stephen M. Warner, the president at the time, another big motivator was free parking.


The Industrial Fabrics Association International gets voicemail, making it possible for members and advertisers to leave messages when they call.

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The North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly referred to as NAFTA, is signed by U.S., Canada and Mexico. Intended to eliminate trade barriers between the three countries and reduce tariffs, it goes into effect on Jan. 1, 1994.

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Mann Industries, one of the two sole U.S. suppliers of solution-dyed acrylic fiber, fails. Doran, Twitchell, Dickson Elberton Mills and Wellington Sears must scramble to find new supply chains, while Glen Raven, supplied by Monsanto Co., remains fully stocked. 

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The movie “Titanic” earns more than $28 million its opening weekend. By 1998, it will be the first movie to earn $1 billion dollars worldwide. It is one of three movies to ever win 11 academy awards. Photo: 20th Century Fox / Paramount Pictures.

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-Jessica Bies