Get editors' attention

If you have news about your company, a new product or an interesting project, the editors would like to know about it. Here’s what they need for publication.

Your company’s

  • Name
  • Location
  • Website
  • Phone number

Information about your product

  • Name of the product
  • What is new or unique about this product?
  • What are the special advantages of this product for the user?
  • For which end products, processes or applications is this product best suited?

Or, information about your project

  • Describe the project in a brief paragraph.
  • Where is it? (General terms are fine, eg "a resort in South Florida.")
  • Who is the end customer?
  • What sets this project apart from similar projects? (This could be materials used, special challenges in completing it, the size or scope of it, or its uniqueness in some other way.)