USIFI updates military specs

At the request of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Industrial Fabrics Institute (USIFI) has updated several fabric specifications used in military applications. The arduous process involving industry and military consensus took more than five years. Each specification is now on a five-year review schedule.  

The new USIFI specifications replace the military specs of the same number. Industry confirms that contracts are being written using the new USIFI specs.  

  • USIFI-DTL 55308A covers three types, four classes, and two forms of laminated or coated cloth.
  • USIFI-PRF 20696 covers four types and four classes of weather resistant, waterproof cloth. 
  • USIFI-PRF 44103A covers four classes and two grades of fire, water and weather resistant cloth intended for use in the manufacture of military tents and related items.
  • USIFI-PRF 44423A covers flame resistant, light weight, reversible cloth. 

USIFI has also developed two new specifications: 

  • USIFI-DOC 001 recommends test methods to use in evaluating and characterizing coated and laminated fabrics for use in military applications.  
  • USIFI-DOC 002 covers visual yard-by-yard inspection of coated and laminated fabrics.

The USIFI specs are available for purchase through the IFAI Bookstore.

USIFI would like to know of other commonly used but outdated specifications, in need of revision.  Please contact either USIFI executive director Ruth Stephens at +1 651 225 6920; or milspec facilitator Lorne Hamilton at
+1 705 875 1240; with your suggestions.