Energy study video to launch

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) is working on a new video promoting the Awning Energy Study 2012 results to the residential market. The video, scheduled to be available this spring, will provide an educational and entertaining interpretation of the study and how the study benefits homeowners.

It will be posted on Awning and PAMA’s social media sites such as You Tube, and will be made available to PAMA members to upload to their websites. A key element of the new video is to make the complex data from the Awning Energy Study easy to understand and fun, so viewers will want to share it with their family and friends.

PAMA is currently putting together a plan to promote the video through news releases and social media. However, the most powerful way to promote it will involve the engagement of PAMA members—referencing it in marketing and sales materials, posting it on their websites and social media sites, emailing links to it in promotional e-letters to current, past and future customers, and even sending it to family and friends. If PAMA has over 200 members texting, emailing, tweeting and referencing it on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook, it could create quite a buzz in the marketplace.

With this in mind, PAMA invites you to start devising your own plan, so you’re ready to use and promote the video when it is available.

The study is currently offered to homeowners and the general public through a slide show illustrating the Awning Energy Study II results for four U.S. regions. The website’s energy page also provides access to a brief overview of the study parameters and the city data for the 50 cities covered in the study.