IFAI member company Globe Manufacturing LLC

Belonging to IFAI and Safety and Technical Products (S+TP) enables us to network with people, businesses and technologies within the specialty and technical fabrics and products industry. A few years back, I went to what was then the Safety & Protective Products Division’s (now S+TP) symposium on e-textiles. That symposium really helped us to better understand the state of the art at the time, which informed to some degree our business strategy for our personal protective equipment. It was very helpful to have a forum to see the different parts of the emerging e-textile industry, as opposed to sort of a narrow look that we had from behind a desk in Pittsfield. IFAI is an organization that leverages the skill sets of all its members so that each of us can move forward more successfully.

Mark Mordecai is director of business development for Globe Manufacturing LLC, Pittsfield, N.H. Read the full profile in the March 2011 Perspective from Specialty Fabrics Review.