IFAI Japan Forum and Reception

This year’s IFAI Japan Forum and New Year Reception was held January 18, 2011, with 42 people attending the event at the Shin Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza in Osaka, Japan. The two-part program began with Ms. Kikuko Tagawa, executive director of IFAI Japan, reporting on IFAI Expo 2010 in Orlando, the IFAI Japan business tour to Orlando and the IFAI 2010 annual meeting.

The second portion of the program was the ETFE Forum. Dr. Kazuo Ishii, chairman of the Membrane Structure Association of Japan, presented an overview of the technical and legal aspects of ETFE for architecture. Mr. Akihiro Noguchi from Taiyo Kogyo explained the technical features of ETFE film and discussed the Uniqlo projects and other temporary projects in Japan and abroad, including the one at the Shanghai Expo. As ETFE film was first used in Japan for architecture, it attracted attention and prompted many questions.

The New Year reception followed with chairman Tetsuya Wakamura delivering an opening address celebrating the New Year, and committing his efforts to enhancing IFAI Japan member benefits. Mr. John Fleming, principal commercial consul of the Consulate General of the U.S., gave a greeting in Japanese and promoted IFAI Expo Asia. Mr. Sadao Izumi, vice chairman of the Japan Tent Sheet Manufacturers Association, offered a toast to all the attendees. Participants enjoyed networking, and Ms. Junko Takai, vice chairman, delivered a closing address and encouraged everyone to attend IFAI Expo Asia.