IFAI member company QinetiQ North America Inc.

I’ve been active as a member of IFAI since 1992 when I wrote articles for the Safety and Protective Products Division (SPPD, now Safety and Technical Products, S&TP) as a member of the advisory board. One of the benefits of going to IFAI Expo is that it helps us at QinetiQ North America develop industry partnerships and helps us find materials for the work we’re doing. We have a list for “this, this and this.” And then we go to Expo and find it. It was also a real benefit to me to be on the SPPD board. One of the highlights was organizing the high-tech fashion show for the Welcome Reception of Expo 2007 in Las Vegas. I so enjoyed searching out the different products using contacts I obtained from my SPPD connections, and worked closely with IFAI and division members to find ways to creatively present new developments in high tech wearable fabrics. People are still talking about the show.

Cheryl Gomes is lead principal materials engineer for QinetiQ North America Inc. Read the full profile in the April 2012 Perspective from Specialty Fabrics Review.