TRD meets with building inspectors

In March, representatives from the IFAI Tent Rental Division (TRD) and American Rental Association (ARA) Massachusetts met with representatives of the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, Division of Inspections, to educate inspectors on tent categories, anchoring and inspections.

Daniel Chase, Chase Canopy, Mattapoisett, Mass. TRD; Matt Pare, Aztec Tents, Torrance, Calif. TRD; and Gene LaPierre, ARA of Massachusetts, Holyoke, Mass., were spokespersons for the tent rental industry. “We could not have asked for, or anticipated, a better response to our presentation,” Pare said.

The building inspectors, due to their limited knowledge of how to inspect tents, tend to focus on the issue of flame retardancy because it’s something they know. The presentation reviewed important items in tent inspections, such as proper staking techniques, which prompted the inspectors to request additional information about the TRD staking study, Pullout Capacity of Tent Stakes.

All who attended want to achieve the same goal of safe installations with minimal time spent on paperwork. Attending building inspectors unanimously agreed that much was learned and they appreciated that the presenters represented the scope of the tent rental business.

The presentation opened the door to better working relationships with inspectors and a second opportunity: the tent rental industry will be invited back, and they may be given the opportunity to present to other inspector groups across the country. The division of inspections suggested the presentation be submitted to the Massachusetts Continuing Education Committee for review as a qualified program for inspector training. Members of IFAI’s Tent Rental Division can access the presentation at