IFAI board seeks candidates

The IFAI Leadership Development Committee is seeking candidates to fill these positions: 1st vice chairman for a two-year term, who will be the chairman-elect and automatically become chairman of the board at the completion of the incoming chairman’s term; 2nd vice chairman for a two-year term; two directors for three-year terms.

To be considered, a candidate must be employed by an end product manufacturer or supplier member in good standing; submit written confirmation that he or she wishes to be considered; and return a completed application form to Leadership Development Committee chairman Scott C. Campbell by May 20, 2011.

Contact Cherie Schmit, +1 651 225 6985, 800 225 4324 (U.S. and Canada only), cmschmit@ifai.com. The Leadership Development Committee meets in June to consider the candidates; membership will be notified of their decisions soon afterward.