Outlook discusses global issues

Speakers at Outlook Conference 2012 offered answers concerning Euro Zone currency issues, Chinese polyester fiber production, agreement on yarn-forward rules, and other questions. Dr. John Connaughton, UNCC, talked about the crisis in Europe’s currency; Alasdair Carmichael, PCI Fibres, looked into the future pricing and availability of polyester and nylon; Donna Pointkouski, DLA, gave suggestions on military needs in technical textile products. William Jasper, Unifi CEO, stressed the new directions that the textile industry can take utilizing its innovative spirit and wise.

Dr. Norman Ornstein, with The American Enterprise Institute and CBS News, entertained with the humorous side of Washington, but stressed the importance of involvement in policy making.

Developed by the U.S. Industrial Fabrics Institute and Narrow Fabrics Institute, divisions of IFAI, the annual event attracts people from the entire textile network. Contact Ruth Stephens at rastephens@ifai.com to offer topic and speaker suggestions for next year.