Certification “Intent to Apply” opens

On January 15, 2009, the IFAI professional certification program was put on hold. Since that time, the IFAI certification committee has been diligently working on updating the Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC) and Industrial Fabric Manager (IFM) certification programs. With revisions nearing completion, IFAI is now accepting Intent to Apply applications.

MFC and IFM certification recognizes individuals for superior knowledge, skills, experience and dedication to excellence in a variety of specialty fabric product and management categories. In order to qualify for MFC and IFM certifications, the candidate must have a minimum of three years of industry experience, demonstrate proficiency in specific areas of knowledge for each specialty, and have at least 10 continuing education credits. The credits may be earned by a combination of years in the industry, serving on a board or committee, judging an award competition, having a college or technical degree, attending educational workshops and symposiums, presenting at industry events or writing articles for industry magazines.

Certification includes the submission of a written project report with essay questions, passing a written exam and signing the IFAI Members Code of Ethics.

In order to enable more candidates to apply and sit for the written exam, MFCs may now administer it in their own areas. IFAI also offers opportunities to take the exam at IFAI Expo Americas and other IFAI events. Those interested in certification should submit an Intent to Apply form and pay a $50 deposit. Upon receipt of the form,  applicants will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the process. Applicants have two years from the date on the Intent to Apply form to submit an application to take the written exam.

For additional information on the program or the process, visit the certification page.