Flammability updates underway

The California State Fire Marshal’s office is updating its textile flammability document, Title 19, for the first time since 1993. The test method (Section 1273.3) for unsupported film, synthetic fabrics, coated fabrics and fabrics for exterior use has been discussed. A subcommittee will further assess the test and how it differs from the large scale test. Also, since the test in Section 1273.3 doesn’t give a length of time the fabric is exposed to the test flame, a suggestion will be made for a set exposure time. New validation stickers, a program still in development, was also discussed. The stickers will be required with the certificate of flammability.

Revisions are suggestions only at this point; the public will be given an opportunity to comment prior to a final determination. Juli Case, IFAI’s information and technical services manager, serves on the committee and will notify the industry through IFAI publications and websites and other media when that opportunity is available. For more, contact Case at jcase@ifai.com.