IFAI member company Raymond Brothers Ltd.

Meeting many members of IFAI and getting acquainted with the benefits that come with membership have really helped me because, at some point, you really do feel alone. It’s good to be able to bounce questions off someone else; if you’re out there on your own, you don’t have that opportunity. Within IFAI, it’s nice to be able to just talk with other members. If they’re out of your region, you’re not in competition and you can bounce anything off each other—from pricing, to different awning styles or tent rental issues. It’s nice having companies in the same industry that don’t mind sharing information.

This year at IFAI Canada Expo in Ottawa, a special “Ask the Industry Experts” panel was a part of the event. Attendees could ask the panel questions regarding their businesses—it was an open discussion and it worked really well.

The other IFAI benefit that is particularly valuable to our business is the awards program [IFAI Canada Honours Program]. We’ve won several awards in the awning design competition, and have mounted them on plaques to hang in our showroom and take to trade shows.

Ken Jacobs is owner of Raymond Brothers Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada.