IFAI member company G & J Awning and Canvas

The seminars at IFAI Expo are good but there’s nothing that beats going out onto a company’s shop floor and looking for gadgets and good ideas. Sometimes they’ve got stuff I didn’t even know I needed ‘til I saw it—like the kind of magnets they use on handbags and purses. We saw that we could use them for deer stands, which we make as a custom product. You can’t use Velcro® or a zipper to close the door because they both make too much noise and scare the deer away. The magnets work great.

My shop is kind of in the middle as far as its size and I learn something from touring both the big shops and the small ones.

Gary Buermann is president of G & J Awning and Canvas, Sauk Rapids, Minn. Read the full profile in the July 2012 Perspective from Specialty Fabrics Review.