Professsional certifications through IFAI

MFC, IFM—you’ve seen these accreditations following the names of individuals, but what do they mean? They are abbreviations for Master Fabric Craftsman and Industrial Fabric Manager, certifications that can be achieved through the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).

If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you may be eligible to apply. Certification is for anyone who has a minimum of three years experience in the specialty fabrics industry and an accumulation of 10 continuing education credits earned through industry-related activities, including the time you’ve been in the industry. Credits are also earned through participation on a board or committee, by earning a college degree or attending a technical college (marine training school is an option for the marine specialty only), attending IFAI workshops or symposiums, presenting at shows, writing magazine articles and judging any of IFAI’s award competitions.

You are free to complete the requirements as it fits your schedule. While some candidates may be able to complete their project submittal and essay questions in a few days, others may take longer. Some have tried working on their report during their slow season, others scheduled time off so they can focus on the report without interruptions.

We encourage you to consider making certification a personal and professional goal. MFC certification tells your customers that you have demonstrated the highest level of expertise in all phases of product design, craftsmanship and installation for the marine, awning or fabric graphics specialties; IFM certification tells your customers that you have superior knowledge of the principles and practices of business and organizational management.

For more information, contact Christine Gerard, division specialist, Core Markets, at +1 651 225 6926, 800 207 0657, or Learn more about IFAI’s certification.