Introducing Equipment IFAI

IFAI is pleased to announce the creation of Equipment IFAI, a new division, to represent equipment suppliers and manufacturers. As the industry voice, Equipment IFAI provides opportunities for equipment companies to collaborate and network to share interests and achieve common goals throughout the diverse equipment market. Equipment IFAI members will gain information and insight from each other, while benefitting from increased exposure and IFAI’s knowledge of the specialty fabrics industry.

The Advisory Board consists of the following members: Jeff Sponseller, Miller Weldmaster (chair); Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing; Frank Sinclair and Jamie Nute, Sinclair Equipment; Jens Evling and Traci Evling, JTE Machine; and Steven Kaplan, Kaplan Sewing Machine.

Some of the initial goals this division will pursue include the development of educational workshops and job training programs. Networking, sourcing, industry intelligence, government relations, exporting assistance and more are available to Equipment IFAI members.

To learn more or to join, contact Linden Wicklund at or 800 636 4942.