IFAI member company Donovan Enterprises Inc.

If I’ve got a problem or need some help I call around to members of IFAI, even if the question has to do with something that’s not their specialty. A lot of times they’ll know somebody who might have the answer. I have a great friend and vendor at a vinyl company who is an IFAI member. His products are not always the cheapest and I don’t always buy from him, but I do my best to do business with him as long as it’s fair for my company. I’ll call him up and say I’m looking for this or that, and he might direct me to someone who can help me. Networking is really important and IFAI does a great job of introducing you to vendors of products and other industry members.

The organization really represents what we do and I make it a point not to miss IFAI Expo. You get to see every sewing machine made. It’s a sewing, welding, fabricating, cutting community. How can you miss this show?

Michael Ciferri Jr. is president of Donovan Enterprises Inc., Stuart, Fla., and chairman of the Tarp Association.