Tent planning app available

The Tent Rental Division (TRD) of IFAI has a new app to help event planners, producers, designers, venues and caterers select the appropriate tent for the occasion.

Developed for the Android market and Apple App Store, My Event Tent can be downloaded free as an exclusive service of TRD. Visitors can choose from a checklist of options relating to rentals, such as the type of event, number of guests, accessories and special requests. The tent size required for the event is then calculated and displayed. At that point, the visitor can choose to proceed to the next step, “submit information for quote.” The request is forwarded to TRD member companies within the zip code area of the visitor making the request, providing member companies with qualified leads for new business.

My Event Tent is being marketed extensively to the special events industry. Contact TRD managing director Jan Schieffer for more information: jmschieffer@ifai.com, +1 651 225 6944.