IFAI holds leadership meetings

The 2013 IFAI Leadership Program was held at IFAI headquarters in Roseville, Minn., July 9–12. The purpose of the program is to allow the 12 IFAI division leaders to meet and familiarize themselves with the activities of the other divisions, discuss their initiatives, share best practices and collaborate on new initiatives.

The division leaders also had a joint meeting with the IFAI Board of Directors and IFAI senior staff members. The exchange of information, insights, and feedback provided the IFAI leadership with new perspectives and ideas on how to best support IFAI members and the industrial fabrics industry, and it will impact the direction of IFAI programming and overall strategy.

This was the second year of the program. A total of 26 leaders traveled to IFAI to participate in the meetings.

“One of the most important cornerstones of the IFAI Board of Directors’ responsibilities is linkage to membership. The open and honest interchange afforded by meeting with division leadership is just another tool in ensuring that the board is aware and sympathetic to the needs of its members. It is refreshing to see the cooperation among staff, the board and the divisions.”
David Clarke, global group director
TenCate Advanced Composites USA 1st vice chair, IFAI Board of Directors

“The IFAI Leadership Program is a forum for effective, honest and important dialogue between the IFAI board, IFAI staff and the divisions they serve.”
Ron Houle, vice president,
government relations
DHS Systems, LLC

"I thought that the Leadership Program was a great way for the division leadership to meet and exchange ideas on what was working and best practices from division to division. Plus, meeting the IFAI staff was very helpful in understanding what resources are available and how they can be best utilized.”
Boyd Ramsey, chief engineer
GSE Lining Technology LLC
Chairman, executive council,
Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA)