John Herber Ltd., dba The Canvas Technology Centre

We joined IFAI about 18 months ago. Expo 2009 in San Diego was the first IFAI show I’ve attended. It was amazing. It was great to see the diversity in the industry and we gathered quite a few new ideas relating to awnings and other products. But what we’re most excited about so far is our participation in the International Achievement Awards (IAAs). We won an Award of Excellence for our Rac-Tent Shelter System and an Outstanding Achievement Award for our Scott Polar Tent, both in the Safety and Protective Products category. Our local MP [Minister of Parliament] heard about the awards we won and because of that her office recommended us to be one of two businesses for New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key to tour during a visit to Kaiapoi last June. The Prime Minister was very interested in the work we do—it was quite an honor to meet him and show him our company.

Mark Philip is director of John Herber Ltd., dba The Canvas Technology Centre, Kaiapoi, N.Z.