Tent ballasting study released

The Tent Rental Division (TRD) of IFAI announces the release of Guidelines for Ballasting of Commercial Tents, a study completed with Clemson University Department of Engineering, Clemson, S. C. The study’s purpose is to create a set of functional guidelines to assist members of TRD in the proper usage of ballasted installations of rental tents.

The tent manufacturer supplies the information concerning the recommended weight to be applied on a given tent leg; the new guidelines will provide recommendations for how tent installers can reach the given amount of ballast and what the “weight” of the ballast is under various conditions.

The online ballasting tool has a dropdown menu from which the tent rental company can select surface and ballast type, surface condition and modifiers. Companies enter relevant information and the ballasting tool calculates the required amount of ballast. Clemson University has released information pointing to the significance of the modifiers in the calculations. It is expected that the ballasting process will be much more efficient than the ballasts without the modifiers.

TRD sought to “level the playing field” for tent rental companies by providing tested and proven industry guidelines for the safe ballasting of tents in an easy-to-reference format. To access the study, visit the Members Only section of www.tentexperts.org.