IFAI Japan elects new board

On July 21, 2010, IFAI Japan held its annual meeting in the Shin‑Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza in Osaka and elected its board of directors. The chairman and vice chairman were elected by mutual agreement of the board members, in accordance with IFAI Japan bylaws. Officers include chairman, Tetsuji Wakamura, Takara Co. Ltd.; vice chairman, Junko Takai, Hivix Co. Ltd.; immediate past chairman, Nobuo Takeuchi, Yano Tent Co. Ltd. The directors are Hideyuki Nishikawa, Sankei Corp.; Toshio Katayama, Daiichi Hanpu Co. Ltd.; Riku Goto, Goto Industries Co. Ltd.; Takanori Yamagiwa, Taiyo Kogyo Corp. Motonobu Nohmura was appointed honorary chairman.

During the forum, IFAI president Steve Warner made a presentation on the specialty fabrics industry in North America and its markets in Asia, introducing IFAI Expo Asia 2011—and the possibilities of a growing market in Asia—to the Japanese members. A reception followed.