IFAI member company Bellon Industries

When I need information about products and practices related to the specialty fabrics industry I contact INFOcentral. If I have to find a particular product or a particular fabric it saves me time to use that resource because IFAI has an extensive bank of members—and it is able to provide me with information I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Recently we were looking for waterproof, fire retardant, 12-ounce cloth for manufacturing government tents. We had contacted all of our suppliers and were not able to find what we needed. We contacted INFOcentral and were referred to suppliers that were able to provide us with what we needed.

Our company also participates in the International Achievement Awards (IAAs) every year. We’ve won many times—and our sales staff uses the awards as effective sales tools.

Carole Bellon is owner and president of Bellon Industries, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.