IFAI member company Eventstar Structures

“I try to be involved in IFAI as much as possible because there are so many benefits, and the more you’re involved the more of those benefits you receive. The information I get from IFAI is so valuable because it’s hardcore and industry focused. I view it as an honest information machine that’s relevant to our business. The InTents magazine is my barometer, if you will, for temporary structures. And I read Review to keep up with technology and fabric innovations. We also enter the International Achievement Award (IAA) competitions that IFAI hosts. The people judging the competition are industry people who are experts in the field and understand what they’re voting on. When you win an IAA, you’ve really earned it, and it boosts your company’s credibility.”

Alain Perez is the founder and president of Eventstar Structures in Medley, Fla. Read the full profile in the October 2011 Perspective from Specialty Fabrics Review.