IFAI Canada Expo 2011 keynoter confirmed

IFAI Canada Expo 2011 has confirmed that communications and management expert Isabelle Fontaine will serve as keynote speaker for the event. Fontaine’s knowledge of the development of emotional intelligence has made her a highly regarded presenter, trainer and consultant in organizational development. She also teaches in the Department of Social and Public Communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal and at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Her specialty is unveiling the best of each member of her audience by helping people discover previously unexplored personal resources. As entertaining as they are educational, her presentations reveal her sense of humor and her deep expertise. An inspiring presenter, she instructs audiences how to direct conversations to foster energy, happiness and self-esteem in others; inspire others and ourselves to face obstacles with enthusiasm; develop charisma and ensure that our presence makes a positive difference; use our senses to create our desired emotional vigor, making us “fit” to succeed.

Plan now to attend the IFAI Canada Expo, February 3-5, 2011, in Quebec City, QC. Visit the IFAI Canada website for registration details, or contact the secretariat at +1 613 792 1218.