SPPD becomes Safety and Technical Products

To better encompass the diverse technical marketplace and concentrate on growth areas on the horizon, IFAI’s Safety & Protective Products Division (SPPD) has changed its name to Safety and Technical Products (S+TP). Specifically, these areas include interactive textiles and medical textiles, in addition to traditional safety markets, which offer billions of dollars in opportunity for systems which sense, monitor, warm, cool, illuminate and conduct. Current trends in the safety and protective area include fabrics that provide comfort and manage moisture, yet remain lightweight and flexible. Many of the fibers, fabrics and technologies developed for the military and law enforcement textile markets are also being applied to other safety and protective clothing market segments, such as specialty sports, including the use of smart or responsive materials and nanotechnology to improve performance.

Managing director Ruth Stephens says, “The S+TP division will continue to include technical fabric applications for safety, since that is the history of the division and there are no other exclusively textile-based safety organizations. The phrase ‘technical products’ has a broad definition and opens the umbrella for technologies and products involved in the entire market chain. This will encourage inclusion of specialty textile products for medical, recreation, aerospace, and interactive textiles—areas that may not consider themselves as safety or protective products.”

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