Volunteer Award initiated

IFAI created the Outstanding Volunteer Award this year to honor individuals who have gone “above and beyond” in service to IFAI. Four people were chosen as the first recipients to be so honored.

Dan Lesch is the owner of Lesch Boat Cover LLC in Norwalk, Ohio, and the chair of the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) board of directors, giving generously of his time to lead MFA for many years. He has hosted the MFA Great Lakes Workshop for the last 20 years, consistently drawing the largest attendance of any of the MFA regional workshops. A certified Master Fabrics Craftsman, he has been instrumental in keeping the certification program relevant for MFA members. His dedication to the association and the industry is exemplary.

John Gant, manager of sustainable development, Glen Raven Inc., has contributed countless hours and his expertise working toward an energy rating process for awnings. A PAMA board member and chair of PAMA’s Energy Task Force, he also worked with the National Fenestration Rating Council and served on the NFRC Window Attachments Work Group. Working with the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association, he helped to get awning information posted on the U.S. Department of Energy’s consumer education website and, with the Coalition for Energy Efficiency, helped to create educational materials that are distributed by utility companies around the country. He has been a driving force on the Awning Energy Study project, helping to create energy saving data for 50 cities. This study will provide a voice in the national energy dialog for years to come.

Jean Lineberger, general manager of Brawer Brothers Inc., has provided tenacious leadership of both the technical and political areas of the Korean Free-Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Successful negotiation of these important agreements is achieved because members of the textile industry do the work of identifying critical product lines that could be negatively impacted by the agreement. She has taken on this work for USIFI. She chairs the successful Outlook Conference, a premier leadership forum for the specialty fabrics industry. Under her guidance it has grown in attendance and importance.

Boyd Ramsey, vice president, technical sales at GSE, is being recognized for his leadership of Geosynthetics Materials Association (GMA) and its government relations program. Through his political and technical leadership, GMA was able to prove the need for an EPA ruling that requires geosynthetic liners in coal ash waste disposal. This kind of action, taken on behalf of IFAI members, increases the size of the pie and promotes new business opportunities for the entire industry—in this case, an additional $350 million dollars in business to geosynthetic suppliers.