Top 10 tips for entering the International Achievement Awards

With the July 15 deadline for the International Achievement Awards quickly approaching, several companies are entering the competition to showcase their innovation, technical skill and design excellence.

Although the online entry form makes it faster and easier to enter than ever before, here are the top 10 tips from Christine Malmgren, IAA program manager, on how to complete a winning entry:

  1. Type your description in a Word document and save it to your desktop so you have a backup copy. Copy and paste your description from your Word document to the form.
  2. Use spell check. Remember that your judges will see all of your misspelled words.
  3. DON'T WRITE IN ALL CAPS. This appears like shouting and is difficult to read.
  4. don't write in all lowercase. This is difficult to read.
  5. Don’t write answers to questions in bullet points. Bullet points can be misunderstood and may not be clear to the judges. It is better to answer all questions with complete sentences.
  6. Submit the description that you want to see in print. Remember that what you write could appear on the IAA website or one of IFAI’s magazines, not to mention it is what your judges will read.
  7. Write out measurements such as “feet” or “meters,” rather than use symbols.
  8. Save often when completing the form.
  9. Use the best images you have of your project. Images should be high-resolution, at least 1MB in size. Why use good images? It will wow your judge and help increase your possibility of exposure in IFAI’s magazines.
  10. Questions? Contact Christine Malmgren, IAA Manager, at +1 800 207 0657, +1 651 225 6926 or