Dr. Stan Swallow speaks on "E-Textiles for the Future Dismounted Soldier"

Don't miss this featured luncheon speaker at IFAI's Advanced Textiles Conference 
26 Oct - 12:00 noon at IFAI Expo Americas 2010 – Orlando

The modern dismounted soldier or marine is tasked with carrying an ever-increasing range of electronic devices, to the extent that they have become highly interconnected, walking digital systems. Unfortunately, the plethora of cables that results from interconnecting these devices suffers from a number of drawbacks, including increased weight and encumbrance, discomfort, snagging hazards and a lack of robustness and reconfigurability.

It is attractive therefore, to envisage a conductive textile solution in which the electrical conductors for connecting these devices are integrated into the very fabric of the uniform itself; thus providing a system backplane much like the motherboard of a computer. Intelligent Textiles Limited has been working with a number of government defense agencies and system integrators for over four years, developing E-textile wiring harnesses for the soldier system industry. E-textiles promise to address many of the shortcomings of conventional cable harnesses by being lightweight, low-profile, conformable and damage tolerant.