United Nations Porte Cochere designed by FTL Design Engineering Studio

Located on the north lawn of the United Nations campus, in New York City, the UN Interim Canopy is a Porte Cochere, designed by IFAI member FTL Design Engineering Studio. The structure sits adjacent to the UN’s new temporary General Assembly building, designed by HLW International. The design serves as an entrance pavilion and security screen for the general assembly delegates. The structure is envisioned as a relocatable building which is intended to be moved to another part of the campus at the completion of the renovation.  Click on link to view more photos of the porte cochere.

Architects: FTL Design Engineering Studio
Location: United Nations Campus New York City, New York, USA
Design Team: Nicholas Gold Smith, Ashish Soni, Matthew Hilyard, Eric Smith,
Joe Schedlbauer, Amedeo Perlas

Project Architects: HLW International: Michael Tegnell, Michael Barrett
Client: United Nations
Project Area: 9,000 sqf


Source: http://www.archdaily.com/101674/united-nations-porte-cochere-ftl-design-engineering-studio