IFAI Expo Asia 2011 showcases new application superstars of technical textiles industry

The smartest textiles in the world meet the growing demand for high-performance end products

The new superstars of the textile industry these days are definitely in the technical textile category. They are part of a bold new trade show, IFAI Expo Asia 2011, premiering in Singapore next week, funded by the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. A multinational show for exhibitors and delegates, this is a first-time trade event covering a dazzling new integration of state-of-the industry textiles. 

A glance at the technical symposiums and the scientists presenting them demonstrates the new reality for how a textile can turn into a sustainable green building, reinforce a road, kill microbes, fluoresce light as a therapeutic treatment. Out-there pipe dreams? No, they're here today. Leading this breakout textile growth sector are fabrics comprised of nanoparticles, circuitry and composites--the new components that contribute to the successful innovations across almost every industry.

Here is a glimpse at just a few of the distinguished speakers who will be presenting at IFAI Expo Asia's technical symposiums 22-25 March at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Architectural Shade and Structures - 24 March | 0900-1200-- As the architectural community continually looks for new ways to reduce materials, improve sustainability and provide the highest quality to the consumer; they are rapidly turning to fabric shade and structures.This symposium will focus on new fabric technologies available for use in the shade and structures market.

Speakers include: Paolo Giugliano, Product Manager Architecture, Mehler Texnologies GmbH | Topic: "Tensile architecture case study: The Municipal Stadium Miejski Lech PoznaƄ, Poland;" and Shinji Kawahara, Director of Business Development, Konarka Technologies Inc. | Topic: "Power Plastic - Entering Organic Energy World."

Automotive Interiors - 25 March |  0900-1200 - Participants will learn how to navigate the automotive supply chain by understanding the tier system and get a glimpse of new developments in automotive materials. Develop an insight on why standards and test methods are very important for use of textiles in automotive applications. Speakers include: Sherry Sabbagh, Head Automotive Designer, Johnson Controls, Inc. | Topic: "Emerging Developments in Automotive Materials;" and Dr. Peter Otto, VP, Global Marketing & Innovation-Technical Textiles, Huntsman | Topic: "Value Creation through Fabric Performance in the Automotive Interior."

E-textiles and Smart Fabrics - 23 March | 0900-1200--An overview of the latest design technologies and applications of e-textiles and smart fabrics. New classes of materials and products including wearable electronic products and solutions, directly impact the future and sustainable developments of smart textiles in technical and bio-medical applications. Hear how scientists with interdisciplinary background are responding to challenges of removing technical and customer barriers to market adoption of such products. 

Speakers include: Dr. Liesbeth van Pieterson, Philips Research. The Netherlands | Topic: "Light-emitting textiles for health and well-being applications;" and Dr. Uwe Möhring, Managing Director, TITV Research Institute, Griez, Germany | Topic:  "Fabric Based Novel Illuminations and Their Application."

Geosynthetic Sessions - 22 & 23 March | Sam Allen, TRI Environmental, Inc. Topics: Part I - Geosynthetic Applications for Infrastructure--This course overviews information on a wide variety of infrastructure applications such as mechanically stabilized earth structures, coastal protection and hydraulic engineering, water protection and storage, erosion control and sustainable engineering, and transportation pavement engineering. Details include how to develop specifications and education programs that will increase awareness of geosynthetics in your country.

Part II - Geosynthetic Materials for Environmental Applications--Get a look at environmental applications including water management and protection, erosion control and sediment management and, most significantly, waste containment and landfill technologies. A detailed description of each geosynthetic type and its use will be presented with background information regarding product manufacture, functional durability and design considerations.

Protective Clothing - 24 March | 0900-1200--This overview of  he uses for protective clothing-- from the common man to the military soldier--will include current research and advances for personal protection, safety, emergency rescue and military necessities. 

Speakers include: Mukesh Vijaywargi, Klopman | Topic: "Protective Wear in Emerging Markets- Challenges and Opportunities;" andAnnalisa Bonfiglio, Professor, University of Cagliari, Italy | Topic: "Smart Textiles for Protective Clothing."

Sustainability in the Textile Value Chain - 22 March | 0900-1200--Sustainable products continue to be a priority for the technical textile consumer. Therefore new fabrics and materials are being developed that require less energy to produce while delivering improved performance. Important factors affecting the sustainability and sustainable growth of the textile industry include will be covered such as renewable resources, recycling, energy efficiency, clean technologies, textile finishing and wastewater treatments, production efficiency and quality.

Speakers include: Dr. John Easton, DyStar | Topic: "Key Drivers of Sustainability in the Global Textile Supply Chain;" and Geoff Collins, Lenzing | Topic: "Future of Sustainable Fibers."

Technical Nonwovens - 23 March | 1430-1700--Academic and commercial advances in nonwoven materials, composites and surface engineering to create multifunctional nonwovens for filtration, military and industrial applications continue to be developed. This session will provide an overview of new research and applications. 

Speakers include Tutul Ghosh, Dow | Topic: "A durable, light and heat stable and easy-to-use antimicrobial product for textiles and nonwoven." Ghosh is a Principal Research Scientist in the Dow Microbial Control (DMC) division of the Dow Chemical Company.  He is currently involved in the development and commercialization of Dow's first silver antibacterial technology. 

Also speaking is Rahul Bansal, Global Manager, Grasim Industries Ltd. | Topic: "Growth of Nonwovens and Environmental Sustainability through Regenerated Cellulosic Fibres.” 

Medical and Healthcare Applications - 22 March - 0900-1630--The medical and healthcare industry is developing at a rapid pace in Asia. This full-day technical symposium will provide a look at new research, emerging needs and new technologies, as well as practical uses seen in hospitals today. 

Speakers include Dr. Gang Sun, Professor of Textiles, University of California-Davis | Topic: "Photo-Induced Antimicrobial Agents for Biomedical Textile Applications."

To register, book a hotel room, view a complete list of speakers, topics, the exhibitor list and the full show schedule go to www.ifaiexpoasia.com.

The organizer of IFAI Expo Asia 2011,  the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), has been officially recognized by the Professional Engineers Board of Singapore (PEB) as a course organizer. The technical symposiums that will be held as part of IFAI Expo Asia 2011 have been qualified by PEB as continuing professional development (CPD) activities for Professional Development Units (PDUs).