Tent Rental Division Awards Ballasting Study to Clemson University

The Tent Rental Division of IFAI has announced that Clemson University, Greenville, SC, is the recipient for the ballasting of commercial tents in the tent rental industry study.  The Code Task Force of the Tent Rental Division evaluated all submitted proposals based on responses to the RFP including time frame guidelines, documentation, number of tests conducted, input requests from industry, data analysis and reporting. 

Ken Keberle, Code Task Force Chair recommended Clemson University to the Steering Committee of TRD.  The Steering Committee then voted to approve the recommended selection of the Code Task Force.  

The goal of the ballasting project is to develop industry-wide guidelines and reliable criteria to use when determining how much ballast is needed and how this is best accomplished when installing rental tents. 

This effort will also be a combination of showing how to ballast a tent most effectively combined with presenting diagrams and numbers to calculate the amount of ballast needed.   

Members of the Tent Rental Division will meet with Clemson University on May 17, 2011, to discuss details of the project and establish progress markers.  The overall goal of TRD is to present Guidelines for the Ballasting of Commercial Tents at Tent Conference 2012 in Las Vegas.  Updates will be posted on www.tentexperts.org.

TRD Managing Director Jan Schieffer expressed special thanks to all members of the division for their support in reaching the decision to conduct an industry ballasting study; and to the Steering Committee (and especially the Code Task Force) for preparing the RFP and evaluating the proposal.