Specialty fabrics protecting our troops...

Textile workers rush to print new camouflage

As U.S. troops in Afghanistan patrol a war zone, textile workers here at home at Duro Textiles LLC are working around the clock to churn out a new camouflage pattern the Army believes will better protect our soldiers.

Making a stealth uniform...watch video.

What it takes to produce camouflage fabric for the Army

Develop seven colors that:

  • Blend into wildly different terrains
  • Don’t run or fade in the most extreme conditions, and 
  • Reflect infrared light to obscure soldiers from night-vision devices. 
  • Print those colors in a complex pattern that can never vary by more than a thousandth of an inch. 
  • And then produce yard after yard, for millions of yards.

That is what Duro Textiles LLC has done in recent months, as it rushed to provide US soldiers with new camouflage designed to provide better cover in Afghanistan, where the landscape varies from scorching deserts to lush valleys to stark mountainous regions.

Source: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/08/02/textile-workers-rush-print-new-camouflage/#ixzz0vfq8Vicy