Star speaker will cover emerging automotive trends at IFAI Expo Asia

Sherry Sabbagh of Johnson Controls Inc., Michigan, USA, will present a session entitled Emerging Developments in Automotive Materials at IFAI Expo Asia in Singapore, March 22-25, 2011.  

The session will cover the needs and trends of the global automotive industry, in particular the challenge for materials to meet high performance expectations while remaining lightweight and eco-friendly. Sabbagh will also discuss the need for automotive materials to stay current with emerging global design trends, look and feel authentic, and appeal to multiple cultures.

Sabbagh is Global Principal Auto Materials Designer at Johnson Controls, an automotive interior supplier. At Johnson Controls she is responsible for research and development of new performance materials and sustainable interiors, along with reporting on design trends and developing concept interiors. Sabbagh has nearly 14 years' experience in the automotive design industry and nearly 20 years before that in the field of textile design.

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