IFAI now offers insurance benefit to its members

The Industrial Fabrics Association International is pleased to announce it now offers a new insurance benefit to its members. We have partnered with Digital Insurance, a company specializing in providing group insurance and member benefits worldwide.

With today's economy and health care reform presenting monumental challenges, health insurance is becoming increasingly complex and business owners are needing more from their brokers. The ability to provide affordable benefits to employees is extremely valuable, and having resources to guide them through the ongoing changes is vital to ensure optimization and compliance of the new laws.

IFAI is providing its members with access to a suite of employee benefits to help their businesses be more successful, including:

  • Health care coverage
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Life, disability insurance and more
  • Resource to navigate health care reform, coverage option and claims

Through IFAI's partnership with Digital Insurance, its members will:

  • Improve employee recruitment efforts
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and retention
  • Optimize internal resources
  • Leverage their benefit investment

Visit Digital Insurance for more information on these resources and benefits.