Narrow Fabrics Institute launches Legacy Award

(Roseville, MN - May 21, 2010)--Franklin A. Milnes, past president of Wayne Industries, Philadelphia, PA, was posthumously awarded the first Narrow Fabrics Industry Legacy Award, developed by the Narrow Fabrics Institute (NFI) to honor key contributors in the narrow fabrics industry.

His company began in Philadelphia in 1910, and 100 years later Wayne Mills Co, continues to manufacture a wide variety of woven narrow fabrics including twill tape, bindings, uniform tapes, printed tapes, furniture tape, and general purpose tapes. It also weaves industrial tapes such as heavy cotton belting or press tape; high-visibility trims; and operates its own dye facility.

The Legacy Award was given on April 26, 2010, accompanied by a $1,000 gift from NFI to the Arthur T. Milnes Scholarship Fund, enabling the company to contribute to the educational needs of Wayne Industries employees and their families.

Mr. Milnes was active in the Narrow Fabrics Institute for many years both as a member and as a director and President of the Institute. During his leadership, the industry developed narrow fabrics testing standards through ASTM. Milnes was fourth generation owner of Wayne Mills and the various businesses under the Wayne Industries umbrella, becoming President of Wayne Industries in 1998, a position he held until his death in 2010.

The NFI Legacy Award will be bestowed annually or as deemed appropriate by the Narrow Fabrics Institute. The Legacy Award is based on an individual's contributions for the good of the narrow fabrics industry, efforts on behalf of the Narrow Fabrics Institute, and personal character.

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