Certification process

1. Complete Application - email Brianna Watke at blwatke@ifai.com to begin your application.

  • $250 for IFAI members 

  • $375 for non-members

Mentors are available upon request to coach you through the process and provide additional industry knowledge.

A signed and completed Code of Ethics form must be received with the application form.

2. Project Submission
Candidates must write a report on a project that they have had hands-on experience completing and been involved in over 90% of the project completion.

3. Essay Questions

Candidates must answer five essay questions provide detailed explanations by using examples and points of information that show depth of knowledge for each.

4. Case Study Questions (Awning Specialty Only)
Individuals applying for the MFC Awning & Canopy Specialty will receive case study photos that they will need to provide answers for as part of their written report.

5. Written Exam
A written test is administered at an IFAI-selected location. The purpose of the written test is to evaluate the candidate's knowledge as it relates to his or her specialty. The test consists of basic questions regarding the elements of knowledge. Candidates must achieve 80% correct answers in order to pass the MFC written exam and receive certification.

6. Promoting your new certification
All certified professionals are recognized at the annual Specialty Fabrics Expo. Being a Certified Professional is a testament to your commitment to your work and the industry as a whole. You'll want to take full advantage of your new designation to promote your company.

Certification Renewal
Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC) designation is given for five years. In order to receive renewal of certification, an individual is expected to stay current on products and skills and contribute to their professional development. Renewal of the certification will be granted if the certified professional accumulates