Certification qualifications

To qualify for an MFC or IFM certification, you must have a minimum of three years’ industry experience in the specialty area you are pursuing. In addition, an accumulation of 10 credits of Continuing Education in any of the following areas are required to sit for the exam:

Time in the industry
1 credit per year
Maximum of 5 credits

Serve on board or committee
1 credit per year
Maximum of 3 credits

Judge award competition
1 credit per year
Maximum of 2 credits

College degree
2 credits

Technical college
1 credit

Marine school training (for Marine MFC specialty only)
1 credit per class
Maximum of 2 credits

Attended IFAI approved educational workshop or symposium
1 credit per full day (½ day = ½ credit)
No maximum

Presenter and/or written article for magazine
2 credits per presentation or written article
Maximum of 4 credits