MFC - Awning and Canopy Specialty


Master Fabric Craftsman is the highest level of the manufacturing certification and of the awning industry certification and indicates superior skills and knowledge.

Definition of Awning and Canopy Specialty

This specialty consists of the fabric awning and canopy systems.

Those seeking the MFC for the Awning and Canopy Specialty need to provide an example(s) of implementation and education in the following elements of knowledge:

Industry Knowledge – Basic industry terms and finding code information

Design & Sales – Conceptual design, engineering, material selection, presentation, cost estimating, show drawings and site survey

Fabrication –Frame material selection, cutting the frame, welding the frame, painting/finishing the frame, fabric patterning & lay out, fabric cutting & assembly, finishing the cover, graphics

Installation – Packaging, transport & deliver, attaching & tensioning the cover to the frame, site adjustment, lifts, booms, cranes, ladders, attachment to structure, completion of documentation