MFC - Fabric Graphics Specialty


Master Fabric Craftsman is the highest level of the manufacturing certification and of the awning industry certification and indicates superior skills and knowledge.

Definition of Fabric Graphics Specialty

This specialty consists of applying graphics to fabric and/or fabricating a finished product. Fabric applications include custom projects for events, corporate identity, advertising signage, tradeshow and exhibits, point-of-purchase, individual and organizational usage, institutional and environmental graphics. The manufacturing process includes taking a graphic or environmental design, expressing it with fabric and installing a finished product.

Those seeking the MFC for the Fabric Graphics Specialty need to provide an example(s) of implementation and education in the following elements of knowledge:

Product Design, Marketing & Sales – The elements of form and function to enhance the end product; using quality components offered by leading industry manufacturers, meeting standard industry practices set forth by a group of industry peers; project management characteristics.

Material Selection – Knowing what types of fabrics are available for the graphics market and when you should use selected materials (polyester, coated, unfinished, etc.) Also the criteria for selection of accessories for end product.

Graphics – The elements of selection and application of a graphic for end product.

Fabrication – The hands on portion of the fabric and graphics trade that deals with measuring, cutting, and joining of the product.

Installation – Including packaging, shipping and installation.