Market research

Insightful, industry-specific information

We strive to deliver solid market research results for our members to help them make better, more informed decisions for their businesses. Our market research department provides a State of the Industry report each year in addition to several market snapshots and other business surveys.

Our market research results are available for purchase in the IFAI Bookstore. IFAI members receive a sizable discount on market research products.

Custom market research capabilities

With custom market research available, IFAI is your source for accessing in-depth, accurate and timely industry and marketplace information. Examples of IFAI's capabilities include the following:

  • Develops and delivers custom market studies that include market size, growth rates, trends, market opportunities and market outlook
  • Highly skilled in the development and administration of online surveys as well as providing thorough analysis of results and insightful, easy-to-understand reports
  • Expert in acquiring hard to find market information via secondary research, in-depth interviewing and online surveys
  • Creates and delivers live presentations and webinars of research results; results from IFAI market research reports have been presented to specialty fabric audiences across the United States, Europe and Asia
  • Researches and authors the only annual State of the Specialty Fabrics Industry Report in the specialty fabrics industry…an all-in-one source for current insights into the specialty fabrics industry
  • Creates highly sought after in-depth snapshots of individual U.S. specialty fabric market segments such as awnings, tents, marine, fabric structures and geosynthetics