The Fabric Graphics Student Design challenge is a contest established to encourage college and university students of design and architecture to design a fabric graphics installation (2D or 3D) for a public or commercial space.

Students will create an original fabric graphics installation design and prototype for a public or commercial space. Spaces include, but are not limited to, community, school or office space. Projects must incorporate fabric graphics as a major part of the product.

For examples of fabric graphics click here.


  1. Use textiles as a major component
  2. Design a fabric graphics installation [2D or 3D] for a public or commercial space

What to submit:

Project description including:
  • Written product/design specifications
  • How the project achieves its purpose
  • Why the product/space was designed
  • Evidence showing that this is an original design
  • Anything unique or complex about the project which may not be evident in the photographs or specifications
  • References or materials cited
  • What attributes or advantages did fabric provide that other options couldn’t/didn’t
  • What makes fabric a preferred choice over materials.
Digital images
  • 4-8 digital images of the project, including design illustrations.
  • Image resolution must be no less than 300 dpi.
  • At least one of the images must be an overall view of the project. Additional images should show significant details or angles of the project.
  • Images and documents should be submitted for Window Platform in .doc(English), .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .ppt or.pdf.
1st place
  • $500 cash prize to student or $1,500 to team of three or more students
  • Presentation of project at IFAI Expo events
    For up to three team members:
  • Complimentary registration to IFAI Expo
  • Complimentary travel expenses up to $500 per student to attend IFAI Expo
  • $400 applied to travel and hotel costs for academic advisor or college instructor to attend IFAI Expo
  • Project featured in IFAI and division publications and on websites


Check back in August for 2017-18 Student Design Compeition details and deadlines




Please contact Jill Newman at 651-225-6953 or