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Bioplastic kimonos at Shanghai Expo

March 17th, 2010 / By: / New Products

Silk crepe kimonos made with Teijin’s eco-friendly Biofront bioplastic will be worn by Japanese restaurant staff at the Japan Industry Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China, beginning May 1. The material for the kimonos was produced in collaboration with the city of Kyotango, home of traditional Tango silk crepe, or chirimen, known for its unique rippling texture. Using special techniques, Teijin’s advanced Biofront fibers were interwoven with silk fibers to produce a new material that retains the texture and sheen of Tango silk crepe. Biofront is an environmentally friendly bioplastic produced from plant-based feedstock, with a higher melting point that allows it to withstand ironing and other high-temperature processes such as dyeing and plastic molding.


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