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PEEK Drawn Fiber for extreme environments

May 21st, 2010 / By: / New Products

Zeus PEEK Drawn Fiber has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, tenacity, and tensile strength. Able to withstand challenging environments, it performs well in extreme temperatures up to 500°F/260°C, produces low smoke and gas emissions, and has high elongation properties. Lightweight material also has superior friction and wear properties when used in abrasive environments.

Suitable for challenging applications in the aerospace, automotive, and textile industries, it can be used to create a braided sleeve or over-braid that is both expandable and flexible. The woven braiding can then be placed over existing wire assemblies to guard against chaffing. The material is also used as a component in filters and conveyer belts. Extruded in strands with sizes ranging from .003–.040 inches. To meet the specific industry requirements for braiding identification, PEEK Drawn Fiber is offered in natural, black, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and violet.


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