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Concept car crafted from carbonfiber composites

June 1st, 2010 / By: / Industry News, Markets, Projects

Its name is PU_PA EV, for pupa electric vehicle (the pupa is a transformation stage between a larva and a butterfly), and the lightweight concept car has been crafted with carbon fiber composites, polycarbonate resins and bio-derived polyester by Teijin Group, Tokyo, Japan. Weighing in at 437kg (963 pounds), the PU_PA EV’s proprietary components demonstrate the potential for vehicles and aircraft that can travel further on less fuel.

The concept car travels approximately 38 miles per hour and has a range of 62 miles per charge. Among its innovations are:

  • Core structure of carbon fiber composite
  • Windows of polycarbonate resin that absorb heat and weigh half as much as glass
  • Molded modular parts
  • Interiors made with bio-derived polyester
  • Low noise tire cord made with Teonex® polyethylene naphthalate fiber
  • Metal-toned Teflex® film used to replace chrome
  • Cell Form™ two-dimensional, solar cell sheeting to power devices

The car is displayed in the Teijin Mirai Studio to increase awareness about the potential of such materials for future vehicle manufacture; no plans are underway to mass produce the PU_PA EV.

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