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Programmable electric hoodie makes a statement

July 1st, 2010 / By: / Projects

No time to update your Facebook page? Consider wearing the Ping hoodie, fashion that makes a statement when the wearer shrugs, waves or zips up. The garment, designed by wearable technology artist Jennifer Darmour of electricfoxy, Seattle, Wash., can be programmed to update a Facebook page with a mere gesture. The garment also signals incoming communiqués by tapping its wearer on the shoulder.

Ping, which Darmour calls a “social networking garment,” combines “the intimacy of clothing with the empowerment of technology,” and is one of several experiential prototypes she’s developed. Among her other projects are “run,” an interactive shoe and software package that allows two people to run a race together even while in different locations, and the “mix” wearable mobile music device that helps overweight children to mix, share, customize and sync music designed to get them moving to the beat.

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