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Transparent tape transforms art installation

August 1st, 2010 / By: / Projects

International Design Week (DMY) in Berlin hosts hundreds of designers exhibiting new products or prototypes, and this June the DMY Award 2010 went to an Austro-Croatian design team with a “sticky” concept. For Use/Numen, a team sent to DMY as ambassadors promoting another event (Vienna Design Week), created Tape Installation #5 using 700 conventional rolls of transparent tape (approximately 28 miles) on custom scaffolding in the former Tempelhof Airport. The organic, sculptural forms resembled “a captured UFO,” according to Vienna Design Week officials.

For Use/Numen has created four tape installations, each unique because of its setting and support structures. One of these involved a set design for three dancers who stretched segments during movement, so the resulting tape shape recorded the choreography. The team begins with continuously wrapping the tape into tendons and later filling the space with thinner sheets of tape. DMY’s installation was completed over four days and served as an informal embassy for Vienna Design Week to encourage designers to bring their ideas to Vienna October 1-10, 2010.

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